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On those HOT days when we needed a cool break, DAIRY QUEEN to the Rescue!! Vanilla cones, smoothies, and Pepsi made the miles much more enjoyable! Sooooo, since it is our last night of vacation(which we can hardly believe!), we topped it off with one last trip to DQ!! Looking forward to being home tomorrow! We can never thank you enough for all the prayers offered on our account! Blessings!

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  • ctrbarnard33

On our last full day of this terrific trip, we were treated to warm hospitality and a wonderful dinner at the home of Michelle and Phil Neal, in Bowling Green, KY! Michelle is the daughter of Pat and Ron Randle, FBCTV members. Many thanks, Phil and Michelle, for making us feel welcome, and for the delicious home-cooked meal---YUM!

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....which means we are almost home! We were excited to eat breakfast at a Cracker Barrel this morning, and being able to have sweet tea at all the restaurants---we know we are back in OUR neck of the woods! In Springfield, Illinois for the night---put 440 miles behind us today!! Woohoo!! Goodnight dear family and friends 😴

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