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This summer we are studying in the Book of Acts.  The Book of Acts is an account of the Apostles carrying out the work Jesus began.  They were led to formed the early church and spread the Gospel of Jesus.  Luke—a doctor who traveled on some of the Missionary Journeys — tells the story in an interesting, accurate, and reliable way. May God give you rich and rewarding insights as we study his Word together!  Here is the teaching schedule for June and July, we will follow as we teach through The Book of Acts;

July 25          Acts    23:1-11           Dave Slaughter

August 1      Acts    23:12-22        Paul Albright

August 8      Acts 23:23-35           Darryl Downing

August 15     Acts 24:1-21            Kem  Lindsay

August 22     Acts 24:22-27          Dave Slaughter

August 29     Acts 25:1-12            Paul Albright

The Bible study video will be posted from Saturday to Saturday.  You can watch the video at any time during the week.