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30 Days of Prayer for Bangkok

We are calling FBCTV two pray for Bangkok July 1-30


C J and Julie serve in Bangkok Thailand, along with other missionaries who have produced this 30-day prayer guide.  There are 50 areas in metro Bangkok and 5 surrounding provinces.  These areas have been divided into 30 dates for the prayer guide.  Each day the guide will introduce one or more of these areas, tell us more about the work the team has in that area, and list specific ways you can pray.  Wednesday night June 30 you can pick up a prayer guide or stop by the church office.















Bangkok is a bustling city of 15+ million people.  Known by travelers worldwide as "The Land of Smiles,"​ people flock here to experience spicy Thai food, tropical weather, and local hospitality.  However, if you look past the physical beauty of the city and the warm smiles of the people, you will quickly see a land of darkness.  Bangkok is plagued with sexual oppression, poverty, and corruption. Although Christian workers have been present in Thailand for over 200 years, this city is still largely unreached with the gospel with less than 1% being followers of Jesus.  Approximately 95% of Thais are Buddhists, and most have never heard the gospel.  While there is some evangelical Christian presence in Bangkok, there is a growing presence of the prosperity gospel and cults.   Each year, more and more Thais are moving into the city from provinces across the country to find work.  People from many nations are also migrating here, making Bangkok a melting pot ofendless opportunities.


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