Golden Offering

for Tennessee


The Golden Offering for Tennessee Missions is the annual state missions offering that provides invaluable financial support for ministries that help reach Tennesseans for Christ.

The offering is named after W.C. & Mildred Golden, who suggested the week of prayer for state missions and a state missions offering in 1902.

Tennessee Baptists contributing through the Golden Offering for Tennessee Missions provide support for Tennessee ministries; sustaining state ministries not funded through the Cooperative Program.

The Golden Offering for Tennessee Missions is meeting human needs through Compassion Ministries. It’s Disaster Relief helping restore a community after a storm. It’s Baptist Collegiate Ministries sharing the hope of Jesus on Tennessee college campuses. It’s reaching the spiritually lost in Tennessee through evangelism. And so much more. 

At First Baptist Church of Tellico Village we receive this Offering each year during the months of July, August and September.  All funds given through missions go to support this offering.  Remember we will be receiving this offering for two more weeks.